OnePlus 4 Features And Specifications 2016

OnePlus 4 Release Date: OnePlus is a Chinese Mobile Brand which was founded no less than 2 years ago and has made huge impact over the Market. OnePlus has released a set of amazing Smartphones under the series OnePlus which recently released its flagship devices OnePlus 3. So in this guide we will be having a closer look over the upcoming OnePlus 4 Features and Specifications.
OnePlus 4 Features And Specifications
The  First OnePlus device was launched in 2014 was OnePlus One which took the market with a rave storm. Reviewers and critics  were all behind this Smartphone alone because it was made with great precision, features and a lot more stuff.

OnePlus 4 Release Date, Features and Specifications

Similarly we witnessed the release of OnePlus 2 which was a medium priced device but not low at features and specs indeed. Even this device was a great one and made quick sales which lead to out of stock condition in many countries. So the last one, OnePlus 3 which is released this year 2016, hardly a few months back is a massive piece as well. When it comes to OnePlus 4 we are expecting something really better because OnePlus 3 had 6 GB Ram and no other device could match the performance and reliability as well. Before that we want you to have a look at Xiaomi Mi6 Price in various countries.
So people who are considering OnePlus devices to be expenseive, then don't worry because they hardly price over $400 - $500.

OnePlus 4 Size and Display

OnePlus 3 device was a 5.5 inch Smartphone and we are expecting the same size for OnePlus as well. It is so because if the size is increased, users might find it difficult to use the screen display and touch as well. So as to ensure user experience, OnePlus 4 will not be a gaint device but still 5.5 inch Display screen with Gorilla Glass 4 or 5 is enough.

OnePlus 4 Processor and OS

Every OnePlus device released till date had the latest Android version and even this time OnePlus 3 came out with Android Marshmallow. So, next time OnePlus 4 will have Android Nougat OS and I am pretty sure about it.
So let us talk about the speed and processor unit  of this device. OnePlus 4 is said to have a 2.4GHz processor under the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 quad core unit. So, the clock speed and intensity of the device has been increased from the last time.

OnePlus 4 Camera Details

We all know Camera is the most vital part of modern day Smartphones becuase they work better than Digital Cameras as well. We have witnessed 16MP primary camera and 8 MP Front camera on the previous  OnePlus 3 device. But what's more fascinating to find is that OnePlus 4 will be having the same Front facing camera but, the Primary camera will be increased to 20MP. So it is sure taking pictures with OnePlus 4 will always be a pleasent thing, as all the pictures are captured at HD.
Yes there are going to be a lot of Camera sensors, but the one I like the most if high speed autofocus technology which ensures users can capture at great focus.
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OnePlus 4 Features And Specifications

OnePlus 4 RAM Details

In my view OnePlus would surely go above 6 GB of RAM, so, all those guys who are concerned that OnePlus might end up with a 4 GB RAM can be free from fear. I really hope that the developers at OnePlus make their upcoming flagship devices OnePus 4 with a 8 GB RAM. Won't it be amazing to have such an amazing RAM under the hood. Indeed when you find better and more GB of RAM, your device will start to work at high speed. It means that you will be able to take quick snaps, play high end games at 60 - 70fps with ease on OnePlus 4.


So we have discussed how amazing OnePlus 4 built will be, but we have to wait almost half a year for its release. It is because OnePlus 4 Release Date has been set to next 2017  which won't be too long for fans like you.
So thanks mates for reading our review and let me know if you like it in the below comments section.

OnePlus 4 Release Date Specification Features Price 2016

OnePlus 4 Release Date: OnePlus 4 is the flagship of OnePlus 3 Smartphone which will be a new Smartphone from OnePlus Mobile manufactures. This device is said to be the new trend setter for Smartphone as OnePlus always holds its device at reliable prices. The Specification and Features of OnePlus 4 will definitely make you feel to pay high price. The features integrated in OnePlus 4 are all latest and well automated which haven’t been seen in any Smartphone yet.
Also it is expected that OnePlus 4 will have 8GB RAM which can be highest one for any Smartphone in the present scenario.
Well OnePlus brand is no exception because they have improved with every Smartphone they have released. Next thing we are awaiting is just for the release of this Smartphone and when ever it does, I will bag one for myself indeed.
Indeed OnePlus 4 comes with great surprise and every time they launch a device, it is a hit in the market. Both sales and specs wise which makes customers happy and this this is the benefit of using OnePlus devices. 

Confirmed OnePlus 4 Features

Let me wind some more features that have been confirmed that Oneplus 4 will be having a 8 GB of RAM and 830 snapdragon processor.
OnePlus 4 Release Date Specification Features Price
Now we will be discussing the OnePlus 4 Specs, Features, Release Date and Price in the below given article. So stay connected and knows more about OnePlus 4 and finds the different form its flagship OnePlus 3 device  by bookmarking our website.

OnePlus 4 Specifications Rumors and Features:

In this article you will come to know about the different specifications that are integrated in OnePlus 4 Smartphone. This device will definitely amaze you with all the features that are written below here.
As seen the OnePlus 3 the flagship device OnePlus 4 will have a definite curved aluminum body with a unique space design. The device will have 5.5 inch large screen which makes its big screen Smartphone in the market. Also features more body design will be accepted and can be known when OnePlus 4 launches out.
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OnePlus 4 Release Date and Price

So as we have seen that OnePlus 4 will have 5.5 inch large device and with this large screen it is predicated to handle 4k resolution. Streaming of 3D movies will be possible as OnePlus 4 will be involved with 3D latest technology.
As the device size increase the features depend also increases by the users. OnePlus 4 will be having 22 Mega pixel secondary camera and 8 mega pixel primary camera. The features with which OnePlus 4 will be integrated are auto focus, dual LED, retina Eye scanner and brighter camera features.
OnePlus 4 is a heavy device as its camera, size and everything are huge. Also OnePlus 4Stograe capacity will be heavy which can hold much data for this big screen device. The minimum storage will start from 32GB and will extend to 64 GB and 126GB based on the device price. Also user will have the chance to increase the external storage to 126GB by inserting an SD card.
Processor and RAM:
When it comes a big screen Smartphone the process and its speed must also be great for its support. OnePlus 4 is supported with 8 GB RAM which might be highest for any Smartphone in coming days. The Snapdragon Processor 3.2 GHz speed will be the Processor with which OnePlus 4 will be integrated with.
OnePlus 4 is expected to run with latest Android version which will be launched in market at the time of its release.
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So at last we are at the most important point which is must for any Smartphone to be considered first. We usually check everything in a device but the most important features the Smartphone battery. So OnePlus 4 will be integrated with 4200 mAh battery which will be included with fast charging and wireless charging options.  This battery will be enough for any Smartphone to withstand the above and heavy processor and features.

OnePlus 4 Price:

As we have seen the features the price expected for OnePlus 4 need to be high but the company is selling this Smartphone for most reliable prices. It is expected that OnePlus 4 will have 35k to 40k by considering its entire features. The price is slight higher than its flagship OnePlus 3 device. I hope that this is very reasonable price for any Smartphone with these great and most useful features.

OnePlus 4 Release Date:

If your waiting to get the OnePlus 4 in your hands than the time has come near. It was expected that OnePlus 4 will touch the market in summer of 2016 but it hasn’t been released yet. So soon in comes months of 2016 or earlier of 2017 we will be seeing OnePlus 4 in the mobile market. Well we are expecting this phone to be released very soon in the first quarter of 2017.


I am very big fan of OnePlus Brand and they have come up with very special products in the past and I guess even this time OnePlus 4 Features will surely hit the market.
It is also expected that 2017 to be the year for Smartphone and with this point OnePlus 4 release at start of year will defiantly give it many benefits. So start your pre-booking and get this awesome Smartphone in your hands.
I am sure that OnePlus 4 is going to be a hit Smartphone but all we have to do is wait until the Smartphone is released. 

Xiaomi Mi6 Price in USA UK Canada Australia India China Bangladesh

Xiaomi Mi6 Price: Xiaomi Mi6 is the latest Smartphone from Xiaomi which is going to be one of the best device of 2017. As the year of 2017 is a trend changer for smartphone, the Xiaomi Mi6 is being launched at the starting of year. The specifications, features and told which are integrated in Xiaomi Mi6 will over the defects and debugs form Xiaomi Mi5 and other flagship device of Mi series.

This MI series is changing the Android market heavily as they are being sold in market at reliable price. The features which Xiaomi Mi6 integrated with can be found top smartphone of other manufacture at double the price of Xiaomi Makers. So one you start your journey with this Mi series then I’m sure that you will love to use it.
In this article we thought of proving the price list for Xiaomi Mi6 based on the ramrods spread out. But before coming to its price you must know the specification from Xiaomi Mi6. By reading the specification listed below user or customer can compare the best device which can be found at this price. But I’m sure that no device in the Android market can be integrated with the entire features of Xiaomi Mi6 and will be sold for such reliable price.

Xiaomi Brand has become a famed Android brand which now has a huge fan base and there are millions of fans awaiting for the release of Xiaomi Mi6 device.

Xiaomi Mi6 Specification and Features 2017:

Xiaomi Mi6 Price In USA. I have listed few specification which briefly describe about the looks, working and sped of Xiaomi Mi6. Have a look very them and know about the awesome integration held in Xiaomi Mi6 Smartphone.

  • Screen Size and Quality: Ultra HD 5.3 inches display, 3D Glass Technology
  • Resolution: 4096*2160 Pixel
  • Battery Power: 4000 mAh
  • Camera: 22MP Rear and 8MP Front
  • Body design: Full Metal edge uni-body with glass on back
  • CPU: Octa Core 3.0 GHz processor
  • Operating System Android V6.0(Marshmallow)
  • Pixel Density: 1080xp
  • Protection: Corning Gorilla Glass 5 latest one
  • RAM: 6 GB
  • ROM:  64GB/ 128GB and 256 GB
  • Expandable Storage: 256GB
  • Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 820
  • Sensors: Retina scanner, Temperature Smart Screen, Heart rate, Barometer

Xiaomi Mi6 Price in USA China India UK Australia Bangladesh:

Xiaomi Mi6 will be a trend setter Smartphone based on the features and tools with which it is installed with. As we discussed above that the price of smartphone changes with the tool with which it is included with. But after reading the feature which Xiaomi Mi6 provides for its customers the price tag can be expected more.
Xiaomi Mi6 is only available for $ 499.9 USD as be USA and about RS: 30,000 to 32,000/- Rupees from India. This price is much reliable and cheaper where entire speciation and features of Xiaomi Mi6 are listed. Its recent launch of Xiaomi Mi5 flagship of Mi6 was sold out for 399USD and 26,000 in USA and India market. The price of Xiaomi Mi6 is being decided based on the rumours from its flagship device.
So I hope that this price for Xiaomi Mi6 is really cheaper when the talk comes about its design, body, and unique features. Now get your money ready to Buy Xiaomi Mi6 from online store and grab the first looks of this amazing Smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi6 Specifications Release Date Features Price

Xiaomi Mi6 Release Date: Today we are back with the full guide on Xiaomi Mi6 which is the newest Smartphone from Xiaomi Manufactures Company. The flagship device Xiaomi Mi5 from this company has been launched recently and has got very good approach from users. The rumours and specification that were expected in Xiaomi Mi5 were fully furnished with unique body design. As the same we have few rumours based specification and features on Xiaomi Mi6. This device is going to be a real amazing smartphone from Xiaomi as with this device Xiaomi will expand it network. Almost major countries of world will be awaiting for the first look of the Xiaomi Mi6 and to start the pre-booking at their respective centers.
Xiaomi Mi6 will bring most thing alive which were being assumed to have included in Smartphone. It is rumoured that we will be getting XiaomiMi6 in earliest months of 2017 with reliable price. The detailed guide on this Smartphone is shown below, so read it and know more about the Xiaomi Mi6.

Xiaomi Mi6 Specifications Release Date:

Xiaomi has been giving touch competition to its competitors by launching high end profile device at reliable price. So from the below shown list of features and specification you will exactly get to know about the Xiaomi Mi6 Smartphone. Before going to discuss about the Xiaomi Mi6 specification I would like to clear you that, this specification are based on the rumours and its flagship Xiaomi Mi5 device. There may be few changes in device compatibility till the launch of Xiaomi Mi6 in the market. Xiaomi Mi6 Specs.

Display and Size:

Xiaomi Mi6 is said to be 5.3” large wide screen device that will be supported with 3D technology captivity touch display. The screen will support 4K resolution to display 4026*2169 wide pixel resolution.

Battery and Storage:

When the device size is being increased the storage and battery much be increased to. Xiaomi Mi6 is integrated with 4000 mAh battery with fast change feature. The storage of Xiaomi Mi6 will start from 64 GB and will increase to 126 and 256 based on the device price hike.

Processor and Android:

The latest Android 6.0 will be installed in Xiaomi Mi6 and will be supported by 6GB RAM. This device is said have the octa core processor with 3.0 GHz spped.  The RAM in Xiaomi Mi6 is highest for any Smartphone, so it is said that you will be experience fast working from Xiaomi Mi6.


The camera of Xiaomi Mi6 is very great with 8 MP front camera which is best to take selfie. The rear camera of Xiaomi Mi6 is 22 MP with auto capture feature. There are more feature like Dual LED, auto focus, scanning sensor, retina eye scanner and more

Working Performance of Xiaomi Mi6:

Xiaomi Mi6 Features: As you seen the specification of Xiaomi Mi6 which are integrated to give the best smart screen. The features of Xiaomi Mi6 are great that its screen is upgrade with 3D technology and latest generation features are integrated here. The 3.0 octa core processor and the 6 GB RAM are said to increase the speed of performance of Xiaomi Mi6. It is also rumoured that the multi-tasking, fast charging, Wireless charging, Retina Eye scanner, Edge Screen, Geo Location and more feature increase the performance of Xiaomi Mi6.

Price and Released Date of Xiaomi Mi6:

Xiaomi Mi6 Price: It is rumoured that Xiaomi Mi6 will be hitting the Android market with reliable price tag being integrated with lot of innovative features. Xiaomi Mi6 Release Date: Its price will be adjusted around 26k to 30k and will release in 2017. The Xiaomi Mi6 will be released first in China and India, later in other branches of different countries around the world.

So thanks for reading this guide about Xiaomi Mi6 smartphone and make sure to share it online as well.