OnePlus 4 Features And Specifications 2016

OnePlus 4 Release Date: OnePlus is a Chinese Mobile Brand which was founded no less than 2 years ago and has made huge impact over the Market. OnePlus has released a set of amazing Smartphones under the series OnePlus which recently released its flagship devices OnePlus 3. So in this guide we will be having a closer look over the upcoming OnePlus 4 Features and Specifications.
OnePlus 4 Features And Specifications
The  First OnePlus device was launched in 2014 was OnePlus One which took the market with a rave storm. Reviewers and critics  were all behind this Smartphone alone because it was made with great precision, features and a lot more stuff.

OnePlus 4 Release Date, Features and Specifications

Similarly we witnessed the release of OnePlus 2 which was a medium priced device but not low at features and specs indeed. Even this device was a great one and made quick sales which lead to out of stock condition in many countries. So the last one, OnePlus 3 which is released this year 2016, hardly a few months back is a massive piece as well. When it comes to OnePlus 4 we are expecting something really better because OnePlus 3 had 6 GB Ram and no other device could match the performance and reliability as well. Before that we want you to have a look at Xiaomi Mi6 Price in various countries.
So people who are considering OnePlus devices to be expenseive, then don't worry because they hardly price over $400 - $500.

OnePlus 4 Size and Display

OnePlus 3 device was a 5.5 inch Smartphone and we are expecting the same size for OnePlus as well. It is so because if the size is increased, users might find it difficult to use the screen display and touch as well. So as to ensure user experience, OnePlus 4 will not be a gaint device but still 5.5 inch Display screen with Gorilla Glass 4 or 5 is enough.

OnePlus 4 Processor and OS

Every OnePlus device released till date had the latest Android version and even this time OnePlus 3 came out with Android Marshmallow. So, next time OnePlus 4 will have Android Nougat OS and I am pretty sure about it.
So let us talk about the speed and processor unit  of this device. OnePlus 4 is said to have a 2.4GHz processor under the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 quad core unit. So, the clock speed and intensity of the device has been increased from the last time.

OnePlus 4 Camera Details

We all know Camera is the most vital part of modern day Smartphones becuase they work better than Digital Cameras as well. We have witnessed 16MP primary camera and 8 MP Front camera on the previous  OnePlus 3 device. But what's more fascinating to find is that OnePlus 4 will be having the same Front facing camera but, the Primary camera will be increased to 20MP. So it is sure taking pictures with OnePlus 4 will always be a pleasent thing, as all the pictures are captured at HD.
Yes there are going to be a lot of Camera sensors, but the one I like the most if high speed autofocus technology which ensures users can capture at great focus.
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OnePlus 4 Features And Specifications

OnePlus 4 RAM Details

In my view OnePlus would surely go above 6 GB of RAM, so, all those guys who are concerned that OnePlus might end up with a 4 GB RAM can be free from fear. I really hope that the developers at OnePlus make their upcoming flagship devices OnePus 4 with a 8 GB RAM. Won't it be amazing to have such an amazing RAM under the hood. Indeed when you find better and more GB of RAM, your device will start to work at high speed. It means that you will be able to take quick snaps, play high end games at 60 - 70fps with ease on OnePlus 4.


So we have discussed how amazing OnePlus 4 built will be, but we have to wait almost half a year for its release. It is because OnePlus 4 Release Date has been set to next 2017  which won't be too long for fans like you.
So thanks mates for reading our review and let me know if you like it in the below comments section.

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