OnePlus 4 Release Date Specification Features Price 2016

OnePlus 4 Release Date: OnePlus 4 is the flagship of OnePlus 3 Smartphone which will be a new Smartphone from OnePlus Mobile manufactures. This device is said to be the new trend setter for Smartphone as OnePlus always holds its device at reliable prices. The Specification and Features of OnePlus 4 will definitely make you feel to pay high price. The features integrated in OnePlus 4 are all latest and well automated which haven’t been seen in any Smartphone yet.
Also it is expected that OnePlus 4 will have 8GB RAM which can be highest one for any Smartphone in the present scenario.
Well OnePlus brand is no exception because they have improved with every Smartphone they have released. Next thing we are awaiting is just for the release of this Smartphone and when ever it does, I will bag one for myself indeed.
Indeed OnePlus 4 comes with great surprise and every time they launch a device, it is a hit in the market. Both sales and specs wise which makes customers happy and this this is the benefit of using OnePlus devices. 

Confirmed OnePlus 4 Features

Let me wind some more features that have been confirmed that Oneplus 4 will be having a 8 GB of RAM and 830 snapdragon processor.
OnePlus 4 Release Date Specification Features Price
Now we will be discussing the OnePlus 4 Specs, Features, Release Date and Price in the below given article. So stay connected and knows more about OnePlus 4 and finds the different form its flagship OnePlus 3 device  by bookmarking our website.

OnePlus 4 Specifications Rumors and Features:

In this article you will come to know about the different specifications that are integrated in OnePlus 4 Smartphone. This device will definitely amaze you with all the features that are written below here.
As seen the OnePlus 3 the flagship device OnePlus 4 will have a definite curved aluminum body with a unique space design. The device will have 5.5 inch large screen which makes its big screen Smartphone in the market. Also features more body design will be accepted and can be known when OnePlus 4 launches out.
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OnePlus 4 Release Date and Price

So as we have seen that OnePlus 4 will have 5.5 inch large device and with this large screen it is predicated to handle 4k resolution. Streaming of 3D movies will be possible as OnePlus 4 will be involved with 3D latest technology.
As the device size increase the features depend also increases by the users. OnePlus 4 will be having 22 Mega pixel secondary camera and 8 mega pixel primary camera. The features with which OnePlus 4 will be integrated are auto focus, dual LED, retina Eye scanner and brighter camera features.
OnePlus 4 is a heavy device as its camera, size and everything are huge. Also OnePlus 4Stograe capacity will be heavy which can hold much data for this big screen device. The minimum storage will start from 32GB and will extend to 64 GB and 126GB based on the device price. Also user will have the chance to increase the external storage to 126GB by inserting an SD card.
Processor and RAM:
When it comes a big screen Smartphone the process and its speed must also be great for its support. OnePlus 4 is supported with 8 GB RAM which might be highest for any Smartphone in coming days. The Snapdragon Processor 3.2 GHz speed will be the Processor with which OnePlus 4 will be integrated with.
OnePlus 4 is expected to run with latest Android version which will be launched in market at the time of its release.
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So at last we are at the most important point which is must for any Smartphone to be considered first. We usually check everything in a device but the most important features the Smartphone battery. So OnePlus 4 will be integrated with 4200 mAh battery which will be included with fast charging and wireless charging options.  This battery will be enough for any Smartphone to withstand the above and heavy processor and features.

OnePlus 4 Price:

As we have seen the features the price expected for OnePlus 4 need to be high but the company is selling this Smartphone for most reliable prices. It is expected that OnePlus 4 will have 35k to 40k by considering its entire features. The price is slight higher than its flagship OnePlus 3 device. I hope that this is very reasonable price for any Smartphone with these great and most useful features.

OnePlus 4 Release Date:

If your waiting to get the OnePlus 4 in your hands than the time has come near. It was expected that OnePlus 4 will touch the market in summer of 2016 but it hasn’t been released yet. So soon in comes months of 2016 or earlier of 2017 we will be seeing OnePlus 4 in the mobile market. Well we are expecting this phone to be released very soon in the first quarter of 2017.


I am very big fan of OnePlus Brand and they have come up with very special products in the past and I guess even this time OnePlus 4 Features will surely hit the market.
It is also expected that 2017 to be the year for Smartphone and with this point OnePlus 4 release at start of year will defiantly give it many benefits. So start your pre-booking and get this awesome Smartphone in your hands.
I am sure that OnePlus 4 is going to be a hit Smartphone but all we have to do is wait until the Smartphone is released. 

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