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Xiaomi Mi6 Release Date: Today we are back with the full guide on Xiaomi Mi6 which is the newest Smartphone from Xiaomi Manufactures Company. The flagship device Xiaomi Mi5 from this company has been launched recently and has got very good approach from users. The rumours and specification that were expected in Xiaomi Mi5 were fully furnished with unique body design. As the same we have few rumours based specification and features on Xiaomi Mi6. This device is going to be a real amazing smartphone from Xiaomi as with this device Xiaomi will expand it network. Almost major countries of world will be awaiting for the first look of the Xiaomi Mi6 and to start the pre-booking at their respective centers.
Xiaomi Mi6 will bring most thing alive which were being assumed to have included in Smartphone. It is rumoured that we will be getting XiaomiMi6 in earliest months of 2017 with reliable price. The detailed guide on this Smartphone is shown below, so read it and know more about the Xiaomi Mi6.

Xiaomi Mi6 Specifications Release Date:

Xiaomi has been giving touch competition to its competitors by launching high end profile device at reliable price. So from the below shown list of features and specification you will exactly get to know about the Xiaomi Mi6 Smartphone. Before going to discuss about the Xiaomi Mi6 specification I would like to clear you that, this specification are based on the rumours and its flagship Xiaomi Mi5 device. There may be few changes in device compatibility till the launch of Xiaomi Mi6 in the market. Xiaomi Mi6 Specs.

Display and Size:

Xiaomi Mi6 is said to be 5.3” large wide screen device that will be supported with 3D technology captivity touch display. The screen will support 4K resolution to display 4026*2169 wide pixel resolution.

Battery and Storage:

When the device size is being increased the storage and battery much be increased to. Xiaomi Mi6 is integrated with 4000 mAh battery with fast change feature. The storage of Xiaomi Mi6 will start from 64 GB and will increase to 126 and 256 based on the device price hike.

Processor and Android:

The latest Android 6.0 will be installed in Xiaomi Mi6 and will be supported by 6GB RAM. This device is said have the octa core processor with 3.0 GHz spped.  The RAM in Xiaomi Mi6 is highest for any Smartphone, so it is said that you will be experience fast working from Xiaomi Mi6.


The camera of Xiaomi Mi6 is very great with 8 MP front camera which is best to take selfie. The rear camera of Xiaomi Mi6 is 22 MP with auto capture feature. There are more feature like Dual LED, auto focus, scanning sensor, retina eye scanner and more

Working Performance of Xiaomi Mi6:

Xiaomi Mi6 Features: As you seen the specification of Xiaomi Mi6 which are integrated to give the best smart screen. The features of Xiaomi Mi6 are great that its screen is upgrade with 3D technology and latest generation features are integrated here. The 3.0 octa core processor and the 6 GB RAM are said to increase the speed of performance of Xiaomi Mi6. It is also rumoured that the multi-tasking, fast charging, Wireless charging, Retina Eye scanner, Edge Screen, Geo Location and more feature increase the performance of Xiaomi Mi6.

Price and Released Date of Xiaomi Mi6:

Xiaomi Mi6 Price: It is rumoured that Xiaomi Mi6 will be hitting the Android market with reliable price tag being integrated with lot of innovative features. Xiaomi Mi6 Release Date: Its price will be adjusted around 26k to 30k and will release in 2017. The Xiaomi Mi6 will be released first in China and India, later in other branches of different countries around the world.

So thanks for reading this guide about Xiaomi Mi6 smartphone and make sure to share it online as well. 

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29 December 2016 at 22:59 delete

Nice blog. Thanks for sharing this information. The price of Xiaomi Mi6 Snapdeal is expected to be Rs. 27000/-.

17 January 2017 at 23:35 delete

Thanks for providing the expected features of the Mi 6.
The specs seem to be awesome. I am eagerly waiting for the release.
Want to check out all the Mi6 features myself.

26 July 2017 at 04:52 delete

Mi 6 is a much better smartphone. Thanks for sharing the such useful information about Mi 6